Who We Are

When people are stably housed, it provides them a springboard from which they can reach their next goals, be it education, employment, physical and emotional wellness, or financial self-sufficiency. Without stable housing, everything else is at risk.
— Luther Mack, TOP leader

The Three-Quarter House Tenant Organizing Project (TOP) is a tenants' union of current and former three-quarter house tenants fighting for justice for people living in three-quarter houses and the communities in which they live.

TOP is creating awareness about the way the three-quarter house industry operates and is working to improve housing conditions and put an end to the illegal treatment of tenants. We are current and former tenants of three-quarter houses who want to make a difference in our community. TOP believes all tenants, regardless of where they live, are entitled to a clean, safe place to live, free of harassment and retaliation if they speak up for their rights.